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Alice Springs College of Australia will only use trustworthy education brokers used to find students from abroad. To ensure that they uphold Australian Education’s integrity and reputation, Alice Springs will routinely monitor education agent activity.

The education representatives must:

  • Declare any potential conflicts of interest in writing and take reasonable precautions to prevent them when performing its duties as an Alice education agent.
  • Uphold proper standards of confidentiality and openness in their interactions with international students or prospective international students.
  • Act with integrity, in the student’s best interests, and in good faith.
  • possess the necessary knowledge and comprehension of the Australian system of international education, including the Australian International Education and Training Agent Code of Ethics. Immigration law, the National Code, the ESOS Act, and the Migration Code of Ethics



At Alice Springs College of Australia (ASCA), we value our partnerships with agents who help us connect with students worldwide. Our agent engagement process ensures transparency, accountability, and mutual success in our collaboration.

Our Process:

  1. Complete Agent Application: Prospective agents are invited to complete our agent application, providing essential details about their organization and services.
  2. Initial Meeting: Upon receipt of the application, our dedicated staff members will schedule an initial meeting to discuss partnership opportunities, understand the agent’s capabilities, and align expectations.
  3. Reference Check: As part of our commitment to quality assurance, we conduct thorough reference checks to verify the agent’s credentials, reputation, and track record.
  4. Complete Agent Agreement: Once the suitability and alignment are confirmed, we proceed to finalise the agent agreement, outlining the terms, responsibilities, and expectations of both parties.
  5. Regular Performance Monitoring and Surveys: We believe in continuous improvement. Our team regularly monitors agent performance and conducts surveys to gather feedback, identify areas for enhancement, and ensure the highest standards of service delivery.

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